CRF Controlled Rate Freezer

The cryogenic freezer is a sample preparation device for freezing temperatures or ultra-low temperatures (-80°C to -196°C). The device can control the temperature of sample cells and control the cooling process according to different cell characteristics to avoid the damage of cell samples caused by the sudden drop of temperature.

  • Specifications
  • Features

Easy to operate and traceable process data

1) Touch screen display can easily set, operate and query operation data.
2) Six standard preset cooling programs, users can also customize the cooling program according to the program, unlimited number of editing each program.
3) User rights password protection, to ensure data security, can customize the corresponding user groups and user rights.
4) The cooling process curve and related data can be exported through USB interface for convenient analysis and archiving.
5) Through the communication interface, the equipment can upload real-time data to Tofflon Biological Sample Database Information Management System (BIS) or a third-party management system, or remotely control the equipment through this interface.
6)Support code scanning gun access, accurate input of order information.
7)Supports audit tracing and monitors device dynamics in real time.

Real-time monitoring of sample protection

1) Chamber and sample temperature is monitored by thermocouple, real-time monitoring, real-time control according to the program during operation, fast response, high control precision.

2)Standard alarms to alert users of thermocouple failures, heater failures, high/low temperature limits, temperature tracking, power failures, can be equipped with UPS, power outages to ensure complete completion of the current task.

Reliable temperature control performance

1) High quality solenoid valve for liquid nitrogen can stably control the injection amount of liquid nitrogen and reduce temperature control deviation.

2) Consistent temperature control and uniformity are achieved through air handling systems and liquid nitrogen injection rings.

3) Adopt environmental and efficient insulation layer technology, make the insulation effect of the equipment more significant, save the amount of liquid nitrogen.

4) Compatible with VHP cleaning technology.

  • Cooling medium:Liquid nitrogen
  • Overall dimension:mm:985x640x550,1140x640x550,1320x640x550
  • Internal size:mm:85x330x305,340x330x305,520x330x305
  • Volume:L:18,34,52
  • Net weight:kg:80,100,120
  • Power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Display screen:10 inch touch screen
  • Temperature control range:°C:-180~50
  • Cooling speed:°C/min:01~70
  • Heating up speed:°C/min:01~10
  • Noise:dB (A):<60
  • Temperature control deviation:°C:<2
  • Temperature sensor:Double temperature control probe,Detect the temperature in the cavity and sample respectively
  • Program control:Control cavity temperature based on cavity temperature,Control sample temperature based on sample temperature
  • Control mode:Microcomputer control
  • Number of programming:Unrestricted quantity