LNP-060L Nanomedicine Production System

Nanomedicine refers to nanoparticles with particle diameter in the range of 10-1000nm, and the nanomedicine production system is thekey in the field of targeted drug delivery technology. Delivery is one of the keys to the success of mRNA vaccine. As a single strand ribonucleic acid with genetic information that can express protein, mRNA chain is easily degraded by enzymes, extremely unstable and carries negative charge itself, so many factors such as encapsulation rate, delivery efficiency, escape in vivo, toxicity and side effects, and stability need to be taken into account in the delivery process. As a delivery platform for COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, the success of nucleic acid lipid nanoparticle LNP has brought LNP into the public eye.
LNP-060L Nanomedicine Production System is specially developed and designed for the preparation of lipid nanoparticle LNP, polymer nanoparticle PNP and other nanomedicine delivery technologies. The nanomedicine delivery prepared by this system can greatly improve the delivery efficiency and effectively protect nucleic acid from degradation. The transfection rate is above 95% and there is no toxicity. Moreover, the prepared nanomedicine delivery carrier is compatible with the encapsulation and delivery of a variety of APIs, and can be applied to a series of active pharmaceutical ingredient APIs, such as nucleic acids, peptides and proteins, small molecule drugs, imaging contrast agents, etc.
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